Ellie Headshot

Ellie C.

Social Media/ ProTeam Manager; Columbus, OH

She is from Miami, FL but her journey brought her to Columbus, OH.
Her love for piercing started very young and she wanted to pursue it as a career path at some point but didn’t know how to combine it with her love for film, photography and business marketing.
“Working for Stiletto has allowed me to stay connected to this industry, expand my knowledge from behind the scenes, and connect with so many talented piercers through our social media pages!”

Contact me at: stilettoproteam@gmail.com

Aaron Wood

Aaron Wood

Local Tattoo and Laser in Lansing, MI (USA)

Meet Aaron, who also goes by Malibu. Malibu has been piercing for over 12 years and has been a body mod apprentice for 2 years under the legendary Shawn O’Hare.

Malibu keeps busy when he isn’t in the studio piercing as he is also a suspension performer and practitioner for the over 5 years! His interest in this craft started at a young age, and the interest later became into an obsession that lead him to pursuing his dreams and passions.

The last 3 years, Malibu has been traveling to further his education in our industry.

Malibu is a father and spend most of his time with his partner and thier children. “Being a piercer has giving me the ability to not only do what I love but show my children if you work hard and follow your dreams you can achieve anything.”


Instagram: @modifiedby_malibu

Alex Christopher

Owner of Black Moon Piercing in Edison, New Jersey. (USA)

Alex has been piercing professionally for about 10 years and has never thought of looking back!
“Opening my doors was one of the best decisions I have ever made to give my clients a beautiful, sterile safe environment to express themselves.”
Alex states his passion developed long ago in high school.
He was either getting pierced, piercing himself, or finding ways to express who he was inside and out.
Alex explains that he loves learning, and sharing his knowledge with others
“I am a huge science nerd- and always have to know the science behind anything piercing related.”
Another factor in his day to day is kindness! “Be nice, forgive people that want to learn and grow, and share your knowledge to the best of your abilities! You weren’t born with a halo.”

Instagram: @alexchrist0pher
Alyssa Doss

Alyssa Doss

Evil Genius Tattoo Club in Lafayette, IN (USA)

I have been professionally piercing for three years along both sides of the Indiana/Illinois border.  I have been an APP member in good standing for two years!  From a young age, I have always been intrigued with body piercings and captivated by fine jewelry, but I never thought I would be so fortunate to join the industry and combine my two passions.

After about two years into college, I dropped out and decided I wanted to work hard and pursue my passion for body piercing – I haven’t looked back since!  I love working with my amazing clients to create something beautiful and unique that showcases their personalities and gives them confidence.

I thoroughly enjoy visiting other piercing studios, participating in opportunities for my continued education, and traveling.  When not in the studio, I love spending time with my hedgehog Clover, running 5ks, and taking on new art projects!

I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love every day, and I am eager to see what the future holds!

Instagram: @tati.piercings


Annika Hopkins

Owner of Oddballs Tattoo & Piercing in Elkhart, Indiana (USA)

Annika has been professionally piercing for 6 years and is working on a 2 year PMU apprenticeship and specializes in hyper realistic microblading, permanent eyeliner, and faux freckles. When she’s not in her shop, she is at home with  family or playing roller derby. Annika and her husband also focus their time traveling to different conventions and do guest spots. It is their way in keeping up with the industry and endlessly grow and adapt.
Instagram: @Alt.by.annika
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Bridget Hall

Red Bird Tattoo in Nashville, Indiana. (USA)

Bridget is a professional body piercer, jewelry stylist & occasional hook rat who has spent the past 3 years creating luxury piercing experiences to those in South Central Indiana.

Although Bridget considers themselves to be a well rounded piercer. They’re most passionate about styling ears to create custom and cohesive looks.

“I firmly believe any body modification should be liberating, affirming, and an empowering decision.
Which is why I strive to bring a safe space and experience to celebrate you!”

Instagram: @bridgepiercesit


Chloe Victoria

Evergreen Studio in Coventry, UK (UK)

Bio coming soon …


Instagram: @chloevictoriapiercer

Corey Godoy

Forbidden Images Tattoo in Trinity, FL (USA)

Bio coming soon….
Instagram: @Stabgawd

Deanna Golding

Owner of Pearl Collective in Newbury, England (UK)

Deanna has been a piercer for 11 years.
She has been interested in the world of body modification from a young age and it started with her BME accounts and chatting other individuals in the piercing industry.
At the age of 16, Deanna got her license and that ignited her passion ever since. Her love for piercing doesn’t stop with her work, Deanna is also a host to a podcast called Tea with Dea, where she talks about UK piercers, the piercing scene: how certain events impact the industry in some way or another, and one on one interviews with peers with the industry.
Instagram: @pearlcollective_

Elizabeth Moore

Body Alter in Worksop, England (UK)

Elizabeth has been a body piercer since 2006. She loves ear curations and her favorite to perform are the daith and conch piercing! Elizabeth frequents at piercing conferences provides assistances but her biggest reward is that enjoys supporting and networking with other piercers in the industry. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, study tudor history and is currently completing an anatomy & piercing physiology qualification!


Instagram: @elizabethmoore_piercing

Elliot R.

Elliot Renaud

Morgan Inks in Politiers, France (France)

Bio coming soon …

Instagram: @elliot.r.piercing


Vauban Tattoo in Bayonne, France (France)

Ernest is a professional piercer specialized in the art of luxury. With an outstanding career, he has established himself as one of the best in his field, perfecting his craft over the
years. Trained in London in the mid-90s, he has honed his skills to become a master in the art of piercing. A member of the prestigious Pro Piercing France collective, Ernest is also a prominent member of the Pro Team Stiletto Piercing Supplies, where he collaborates with other experts to advance the high-end piercing industry. His passion for piercing and his commitment to excellence make him an essential reference for those seeking a luxury
piercing experience.

After about two years into college, he dropped out and decided he wanted to work hard and pursue his passion for body piercing. “I love working with my amazing clients to create something beautiful and unique that showcases their personalities and gives them confidence.”

Instagram: @lesaiguillesdernest


Jean Boucher

Owner of Elegance Piercing & Tattoo in Worcester, Massachusetts. (USA)

Jean has been piercing professionally just under 15 years and has been an APP member for almost 10 years. He loves networking with all of his staff members  in his studio and teaming up with local piercers in his area.
Jean is currently working towards his goal of providing educational classes and workshops and wishes to be able to do so at APP some day.
Instagram: @Eleganceworc

Julien Sedlak

Owner of Bleu Carbone, Vienne, France (France)

Julien has been a professional piercer for 15 years.
He worked at the beginning of his career in many shop to enhance his skills and met his mentor Morgan Dubois in 2010, with his help Julien discovered a new vision of body art and body piercing.
He loves creating unique projects with his customers & advising them to create a beautiful masterpiece.
Besides being on the Stiletto ProTeam, he is also a member of Pro Piercing France collective, where he takes part to events as a speaker and participant for educational purpose.
On his down time, Julien spends time with his family and travels.
Instagram: @bleucarbone.vienne

Marcos Perez

Incienso Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Arecibo, Puerto Rico (USA)

Marcos has been a body piercer for 9 years. He is actively educating new piercers in the industry at local and international conferences providing his private body piercing classes where he offers three levels of course education – Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced- students will explore a range of crucial topics including: The history of Body Piercing, Biosafety and Infection Control, Basic Anatomy, Professional Tips and Techniques, Choosing the Right Jewelry and much more.

Instagram: @Marcosperezpiercer


Michael D’Ambrosio

Adrenaline Montreal in Montreal, QC, CAN (CANADA)

I have 10 years experience in the industry. Favourite piercing to do is microdermals. BIG TIME NERD for all things video games/board games/TTRPGs! Biggest red flag: Shames clients into following their aftercare. (It’s wildly effective)

Instagram: @the_bloody_red_raven


Nicolas Pature

Syam Tattoo Ink in Buchelay, France (France)

I’m a body piercer since 2001, the founder and the president of Pro Piercing France.
I’ve been interested in the world of body modification since I was 14 years old when I started reading the secret “Tattoo Savage” and the other magazines of it’s time.
My life radically changed 4 years later, when I started my apprenticeship and decided to pursue this career path full time.

Instagram: @Nico_Syam_Piercing

Pamela Spector

Midgard Tattoo Co. in Dallas, Tx (USA)

Meet Pam, Pamela, Pammy Pie 🙂
She is stationed at Midgard Tattoo where she opened the piercing side in 2021 of the shop. Pam, began her piercing journey in 1995 after attending a Gauntlet Seminar in San Francisco.
She is a current member of the APP, and her piercing style is mostly freehand and mostly a all disposable piercer. She is a big fan of Stiletto and even taught her apprentice how to pierce nostrils using the Stiletto piercing sticks.
Instagram: @piercingsbypamela

Selma Tabea

Owner of Golden Blood Piercing in Braga, Portugal (PORTUGAL)

Selma has been a body piercer since 2017.
Her love for piercings started very early, her older sister had piercings and she found them fascinating. When Selma was 10 years old. she got her first ear piercings and from then on she never stopped!
At the age of 16, she got her first summer job in a tattoo studio and it was then that she realised she wanted to do piercings for a living.
Later, at the age of 18, Selma made the decision to leave her studies at university and finally pursuit her apprenticeship in a studio, this journey has lead Selma to now be the proud owner of her own piercing and jewellery shop in Braga, Portugal (Golden Blood Piercing & Fine Jewellery).
Instagram: @selmatabeabodypiercing

Shannon Nicola

Owner of Amethyst Adornments in Chester, UK (UK)

Shannon has 10 years under her belt as a professional body piercer. She is based in the historical Chester city centre in beautiful UK, where she manages her day to day operations as one woman show curation the utmost elegant masterpieces for her clients to express their unique style and personalities. Her favorite piercings to perform are Daith and Faux Rook!
Shannon also adores all things cats, horror & sci-fi with Star Wars being her favorite.
Instagram: @amethystadornmentsuk

Steve Defreyne

Jess Y Doll Tattoo in Marche-en- Famenne, Belgium (France)

Steve has been in the body piercing industry for 23 years!
He is passionate about new techniques and jewelry and enjoys his works on ear curations for his clients in meeting their self expressing in their style and uniqueness.
Steve is mainly a freehand piercer who has an absolute love for daith piercings but enjoys a good combination of ear cartilage pieces and the septum piercing.
Instagram: @stevepiercing

Vera Sofia Franco de Almeida

JC Beauty Boutique in Amadora, Lisbon (Portugal)

Meet Vera, she is 32 years old, born and raised in the beautiful capital of Portugal, Lisbon.
“I developed a passion for piercings at a very young age, even before fully understanding them. At the age 5, I asked my mother to get my first earlobe piercings, and by the age of 12, I began exploring more about the industry.
While life’s responsibilities often led me to consider working for others as the safer option, I’ve always believed that having our own business and doing what we love adds a special flavour to life.
In early 2023, I completed my body piercing training, with a firm commitment to excel in the profession and to use the best and safest materials.”
Vera’s life motto is: “Luck requires hard work, and I work hard”.
Instagram: @veraalmeida.piercer

Wesley Northmen

Houston Heights Tattoo & Piercing in Houston, Texas. (USA)

I’ve spent the last 8 years immersing myself in the art of body piercing. Based in the bustling heart of Houston, Texas.  combining a deep passion for piercing with an unwavering commitment to safety. My clients’ well-being in the piercing room is of utmost importance to me. But my love for piercing doesn’t stop at just performing them. I hold a profound passion for styling, meticulously incorporating the opulence of gold of different colors and the timeless charm of genuine stones to craft one-of-a-kind curation that resonates  with each person’s distinct personality and style.

Instagram: @Westhepiercer

More ProTeam members coming soon…