Skin Markers

Perfect yet affordable.

Purple Markers Differences

Stiletto offers three types of skin markers:  Purple, White, and V2 purple, each designed for the different type of cleaning technique you prefer (single cleaning or a double cleaning).

Our original purple skin marker was designed for the clean-mark-pierce technique and is has a thinner tip compared to V2.

The premium V2 skin marker is used for the clean-mark-clean-remark technique and has a much thicker tip. The V2 marker also offers a little more dye allowing the “dot” to stay on the skin longer after the second cleaning.

White Markers

Our white skin marker are pigmented and visible enough to show up on light skin complexions and dark skin complexions as well on heavy tattooed areas.

The white skin markers use a diluted tattoo ink to mark the skin and stay well on the skin for.

These have quickly become a customer favorite and are the real GAME CHANGERS!

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