We do Not recommend reusing our tapers because of the EO Gas sterilization process used to sterilize them the first time. All our plastics are designed to be used only once because they will not hold up in a long cycle in a StatRight im or a large autoclave. Needles should Never be reused.

Press Fit jewelry need to be used with Press Fit tapers. Standard pin tapers are not Press fit tapers.

Stiletto is a new company, and we are working on getting many more distributors across the word. We would recommend contacting the distributor closest to you and see if they are able to sell to you? Go to www.StilettoSupplies.com and look at our distributor list, it is always changing.

It is a food grade silicon coating. It’s the same coating that they use on almost all hypodermic needles.

Because with Stilettos products we are making it easier for piercers to preform be in the Industry we we have been trained in and love. We don’t want untrained people to start hurting people with our products.

With the new disposable market, it makes it super easy for people to illegally pierce out of their houses or unlicensed studios.  Stiletto makes every effort to not allow this to happen, which is why we require an account and we check to see the mailing address of the studio to make sure it not a personal residence.

Stiletto has a YouTube channel you can visit and see more videos of our products!