For safety reasons, we strongly advise against reusing our tapers and needles.

Our presterilized products undergo an EO Gas sterilization process, which is designed for a single-use application.

Our food-grade plastics are not intended for prolonged exposure to sterilization cycles in devices like the Statim or large autoclaves and the food grade silicone coating on our needles and tapers will be completely removed if resterilized.

Needles should never be reused under any circumstances. Your client’s safety and well being are paramount.

Each of our tapers were intended for different purposes. Press Fit jewelry need to be used with Press Fit tapers as the ending part is much thinner than the standard pin.

Standard pin tapers ending pin is too thick and was created to work with internally threaded jewelry.

Stiletto is a new company establishing roots worldwide to provide the piercing industry disposable tools. If you don’t see a distributor in your country, take a look at our distributor map, and you can order from the closest one to you.

Please keep in mind that our distributor list is always updating as we continue to grow our company and establish distributors worldwide.

The coating used on our needles and tapers is a food grade silicon coating. This is the same coating on almost all hypodermic needles and is what assist in making the piercing process the fastest and smoothest it can be for your client.

Stiletto’s mission is to push the piercing industry towards the disposable market much like the tattoo industry has already begun.

Our foremost priority is to enhance the ease and safety of piercing procedures for piercers using our tools. Our aim is to facilitate safe and accurate piercings, allowing professionals to excel in their craft.

Selling to verified studios ensures that each business and employee is fully certified and possesses all the necessary documentation required in the body art/ body piercing industry.

Thi is also to avoid having someone illegally pierce out of their houses or at unlicensed studios.

Our landing page is the perfect place to inform yourself about all things Stiletto. We have dedicated this entire page to provide you with all the proper details of our products, provide you with the necessary documentation to give to health inspectors, and so much more. Stiletto also has a YouTube channel  where we display a variety of videos going in depth of each product.

Feel free to stay connected to our social media pages. We love to interact with our customers!

Yes we do!

Our landing page under “Resources” is where you can find all types of sterilization certifications. All you need to know is the lot # of the products/s you are looking for and match the # to the certificates along with the product name. You can download as many certificates as needed. This is a great way show your health inspector that all tools are verifiable and traceable.

If you are needing more information or assistance feel free to reach out to the Customer Service department of your closest distributor.