Going Disposable

As many of you know the tattoo industry went disposable over 14 years ago. It was not until Stiletto has come out with many of the tools needed for the piercing industry to go disposable. Going disposable in a GREEN way is of huge importance to Stiletto. Stiletto plastic tools are all recyclable, and we are even in the process of making our tools biodegradable.

Going disposable is now cost-effective and more realistic than ever before. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freehand piercer, or a piercer that uses tools, stiletto has products for you.

Going disposable will allow tattoo studios and new piercing studios to not have to build and have the added cost and space of having to have a Sterilization Room.

It was not until Stiletto started producing our quality products that going 100% disposable has reached the mainstream piercing and tattoo studio

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